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Artist Bio

Currently based in Hong Kong Edith Mak is an artist and designer who grew up mostly in Hong Kong, but she also spent a significant part of her life in the UK.  She holds a Bachelors of Arts in Interior Design from Ravensbourne College of Communications and a Master of Science in Light and Lighting from The Bartlett at University College London.

Edith has been interested in art at a young age and has gone on to study art for her A-Levels, after which she decided to continue her studies and practice as an Interior Designer.  Over the course of her career, she has kept art as her main hobby and experimented with various techniques and mediums.  In 2017 while failing to find the perfect artwork to furnish one of her projects she decided to take matters into her own hands literally and created a series of paintings for that project.  She has since provided original paintings to various projects, taken on various commission works, and her paintings are collected across various countries including Australia, Canada, the USA, and Hong Kong.

Artist Statement

My paintings are mainly a reflection of my emotions and feelings as I experience the chaos and stress of everyday city life while I seek inner peace and mindfulness from the energy and movement of nature.  My work is created using different techniques to manipulate the paint such as blowing to create movement or with my hands to create textures along with various types of equipment.  Each of my painting is a slice of representation of my feelings and emotions at the time I created them. If you would like to find out more about my work please get in touch.

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