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  • Resin ring and bracelet display
  • Cone-shaped in multiple layers of resin
  • Large: 6 cm round base x 7 cm high each
  • Small: 4 cm round base x 5 cm high each

Accessories Display


40% off

  • This Unique holder is an ideal gift for any occasion.  Each holder is different so a selection of in-stock holders will be provided for your selection upon placing your order.  

    Consisting of at least 8 layers of resin to achieve the look, each layer takes 8 - 12 hours to cure before applying the next layer. Once the last layer is applied, the whole piece is then left to fully cure and harden for another 5 days.

    To care for your holder, simply just wipe with a damp cloth if needed, do not use any abrasive material for cleaning.

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